Indie Intermission – ‘Space-Time Adventure’ Master The Stars… Or At Least Large Rocks

Space-Time Adventure ss01

Today’s game yet again comes from the Ludum Dare event that happened just the other weekend and is a very innovative little game that brings in the 4th dimension, time.

Space-Time Adventure was created by OldPeculier and has you rewinding and altering events on a positivity cosmic scale. The idea behind Space-Time Adventure is you must redirect the asteroids to avoid your friends in space, you do this via the manipulation of time from pausing it to rewinding it.

It is a model that makes for one awesome little puzzle game that incorporates a whole other dimension… literally. The alteration mechanic is nice and allows for you to change the outcome quite staggeringly on each level, although it is not easy.

You would think a game in which you can command the stars would end up being a little easy, but Space-Time Adventure offers a suitable level of challenge that is tricky but not unmanageably hard, whilst still being highly rewarding.

Space-Time Adventure ss03

Average play time – 25 minutes

Space-Time Adventure has a great concept driving it, awesome music, great visuals, and offers a new style of challenge. It really is hard to believe all this was put together in just one weekend.

If you would like to play Space-Time Adventure play it online. If you would like to help OldPeculier you can by voting for the game on the Ludum Dare site.

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  • OldPeculier

    Thanks very much for the review! I’m so glad you like it. And yes indeed, I swear, I really did make it all, concept to code, within the 48 hour window.