Indie Intermission – ‘Space Rot’ An Explosion Of Colours

Space Rot ss01

Today I look at a rather crazy game that will have you pulling your eyes out in frustration with Space Rot from Jacob Waldemar Buczynski.

Space Rot is a very interesting super low-res space shooter in which you must dodge the incoming fire, and fire back to hopefully kill something. The game is visually confusing as hell and this is one of the things you just have to love about it, you really have no idea what is happening most of the time.

Although at first glance Space Rot is just an incoherent mess of colour after a few failed attempts you begin to understand what is actually happening here and before long you will be taking down these alien ships in no time.

This however is not to say the game is easy by any stretch of the imagination it is very difficult even after you begin to decipherer what is happening on the screen making for a very intense and visually confusing game that is actually a whole lot of fun.

Space Rot ss02

Average play time – 1 minute

Space Rot is a game that really is very confusing to play but is also a game that after a few attempts you actually start to get the idea of what is happening and this ends up making for a rather fun little game indeed.

Space Rot can be downloaded here.

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