Indie Intermission – ‘Space Colony’ Spreading The Goodwill

Space Colony ss02

Like any jam Indie Speed Run has proven to be a treasure trove of awesomeness, yielding many great games. The only problem is with so many games how can you even get through just a small amount of them?

This is an issue the internet has created in general but for the most part this really isn’t a bad thing. Today I decided to cover Space Colony from Morbidware.

Space Colony is a fun game in which you must leap from planet to planet colonising each and every one. What makes the game difficult is the fact aliens will start spawning on a far away planet as you colonise other planets, and you must do you best to defend the helpless civilians.

Space Colony has some nice ideas and with a minimalistic but sleek art style it really does bring a lot to the table. Although I did also (initially) like the music, the fact the game only had one song meant after a couple of loops I just had to mute it.

Space Colony ss03

Average play time – 10 minutes

Space Colony is a well designed game that although is rather lacking in variety, overall it’s very solid. With some extra development and of course a soundtrack I think this could end up being a well-rounded, fun and interesting game.

You can play Space Colony online for free.

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