Indie Intermission – Sometimes You Can ‘Run’ Away From Your Problems

Run level 1

Today’s game is a very interesting one that although is still under development has a rather great style to it that is definitely worth looking at. Run has been created by Graphichorse a one man development team from Norway.

Run starts off in darkness telling the story entirely via audio cues of a car crash. After the game pans in to your character standing by a burning car it is up to you to get to the end of the level. As you progress through the level you must jump and dodge your way to the end, however currently this is not too taxing.

The most striking thing about Run is the art style that has been chosen as this silhouette style on a blue background creates some striking images. Each level has its own distinctive style in art and location creating a very visually interesting game from start to finish.

It is fairly obvious once you play Run how it is still very much a work in progress as the levels feel a little empty and are not particularly challenging. However this said the fundamentals and graphics are great so with extra development I expect Run would end up being a rather great game.

Run level 3

Average play time – 4 minutes

Run has a lot of great ideas implemented within it and a very striking art style that really captures your attention. The levels are short and rather easy but the experience to be had playing Run is well worth it.

Run can be downloaded via the Graphichorse website.

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