Indie Intermission – ‘Soledad’ A Deep, Thought Provoking Trip Through Distant memories

SoleDad ss02

Today’s game comes from The Escapist’s Indie Speed Run competition that sees indie developers from all over compete in a frantic 48 hours of development time to make their vision come to life.

Soledad has been created by the Alebrije Team and follows the memories of Maria Soledad as she explores her memories from the afterlife. It’s a very interesting concept and the narrative is very compelling and creates many strong images throughout.

In Soledad you traverse the memories by entering memory bubbles and must explore them to their fullest to complete each bubble and progress onwards. It’s key strength in my opinion is the writing, its strong and very thought provoking that does create a very melancholy atmosphere.

Soledad’s graphical style has been constructed in a very loving manner and really shines. From the dark void between the memories to the lovingly hand crafted art style seen in the bubbles the game has been very well constructed.

SoleDad ss03

Average play time – 5 minutes

It’s really no surprise this has been picked as one of the finalists for the Indie Speed Run due to its deep nature and great art style. Soledad plays more like an interactive story book than a conventional game but it all fits well together. Although the ending is rather abrupt and feels a little tacked on, this is to be expected due to it being created for a game jam and does not sacrifice the quality.

Play Soledad on the Indie Speed Run site now.

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