Indie Intermission – ‘Skullface’ A New Hard As Nails Platformer To Scratch That Itch

Skullface ss02

Today is an odd game, not in the gameplay itself but in the concept behind the gameplay. Skullface has been created by Greg Sergeant and when you first look at the game you may be convinced it is a mere Super Meat Boy rip off. This is a very easy conclusion to draw if you only manage to play the first world, as much of the dynamics and even scenery shout out Super Meat Boy.

I am happy to say this all changes once you get a little more into the game as you begin to find new and exciting concepts built within the game world. Expect to come across various enemies which can be used to facilitate your platforming, platforms that are reactive to momentum, and even the use of jet-packs.

Along with including a nice roll mechanic Skullface does build on the awesome mechanics introduced by Super Meat Boy, and to say this is merely a clone would not do the game justice.

Skullface ss03

Average play time – less than an hour

If you are a fan of hard as nails platformers and have been looking for a new game to soak up some of that need you can’t go wrong with Skullface. Although different to Super Meat Boy it will keep your cravings in check and give you a whole new bunch of new mechanics and levels to try your hand at.

The only thing that Skullface seems to lack is controller support which would complete the game, as we all know controllers are the optimum way to play platformers. However the keyboard controls are adequate and they all function very well, making for quite the compelling experience with Skullface.

To play Skullface head here and give it a whirl. To find out more about Greg Sargeant his official site is always a good place to begin.

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