Indie Intermission – ‘Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks’ Defend The Flakes

Sinister Sid and the Snowball Sneaks ss02

Welcome back to another day and with it another free game to get your teeth sunk into. Today’s game, Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks is a great little game created for the Indie Speed Run jam by Princess In The Tower.

In Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks you must first setup the level with bells and a lamp to deter the sneaks as you try to protect your most prized possessions your snowflakes.

It’s a quirky game with some great music and a nice fun premise as you move around at night trying to defend your snowflakes with your trusty lamp. Although a very short game I could see the game expanded easily with the addition of extra levels and randomisation it could end up being quite the interesting game.

Sinister Sid and the Snowball Sneaks ss01

Average play time – 5 minutes

Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks is a whole load of fun and provides suitable entertainment for its short duration. The game can be easily developed into a much more complete experience by adding in additional levels, power-ups, and monsters.

You can play Sinister Side And The Snowball Sneaks online for free via the jam site.

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