Indie Intermission – Shining A ‘Spotlight’ On Your Life

Spotlight ss01

Today I look at a game that was submitted to the Indie Speed Run and although I have heavily covered this event the number of quality games it has produced is rather fantastic. The game has been developed by Sergey Mohov, Themushroomsound, Noodlespoon and Seven cuils.

Spotlight is a very interesting, eerie and beautiful hidden object game/ odd one out game. The game starts you off in a spotlight with just a radio but upon interacting with said radio the whole world changes around you, and it is up to you to traverse through these spotlight stages.

The game is all about time passing literally before your eyes as you move through these past events, each revealing something more about the character and story overall. Every time you select the wrong item however your memory begins to go fuzzy and you slowly slip out of the spotlight and although this is a rather nice idea I do find the haziness it gives to be a little irritating even after just selecting one wrong item.

Spotlight ss03

Average play time – 15 minutes

Spotlight is a very interesting slightly creepy and i insistently beautiful game that combines a lot of great ideas together and does them well. There has been a lot of time and thought put into the game and it shows off creating a great atmosphere and a striking environment to explore.

Be sure to play Spotlight  now.

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