Indie Intermission – ‘Pulse’ Doing The Daredevil Thing

Pulse ss01

If there is one thing we should know about puzzle games these days it is if they don’t have some rather unique or cool gimmick who really cares about them. With so many puzzle games around it is the creative spark that can really make or break your game and Pulse from Team Pixel Pi have created quite the gimmick here.

In Pulse you play as the main protagonist who has lost their vision, however in a Daredevil like manner you are able to map out your surroundings via echolocation, which is not only just a brilliant idea for a puzzle platformer but also creates some rather impressive visuals throughout the game.

The current build is quite small as it was designed as a student project so it really is a limited model, but all things considered it’s a rather great concept and is full of fantastic visuals and great sounds.

Due to the games restrictions overall the puzzles are hardly taxing but do provide a rather great platform for future development and after all the cute little things you throw around are far too lovable.

Pulse ss02

Average play time – About one hour

Pulse was original designed as a student project however the team of students behind the game are looking for funding currently on Kickstarter to buy all the professional licences and such to actually release a full version of Pulse. If you are interested in finding out more be sure to check their Kickstarter or official site.

The preview build of Pulse can be found here.

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