Indie Intermission – ‘Pretty Pretty Bang Bang’ Suicidal Score Attack Gameplay

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang ss02

Hello and welcome back to another Indie Intermission, today I cover a rather colourful little game that goes by the name of Pretty Pretty Bang Bang, created by Studiohunty.

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang is a rather interesting little game in which you obtain score by running into the enemies and blowing yourself up. Although it is not a new mechanic by any means it is one not often seen and seems to work very well here.

A truly interesting thing about Pretty Pretty Bang Bang is how the game is actually not randomised but instead changes dependant on how you play and where you choose to explode.

This mechanic helps create a game that is much more skill orientated and less reliant on blind luck, although a little bit of luck does not hurt.

The visuals are rather simplistic but it’s all functional and does add to the overall aesthetic of the game. When coupled with the music the game plays out rather well and has a rather nice feel to it.

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang ss02

Average playtime – 2 minutes

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang is a fun little game that offers some great score attack gameplay that is heavily reliant on your own skill. If you would like to play Pretty Pretty Bang Bang online be sure to head to the site now.

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