Indie Intermission – ‘Papers, Please’ Is There A Game For Everything?

papers, please ss03

When video games first came around we saw games that allowed you to battle the beasts of hell, race F1 cars, and explore far flung worlds. Basically if you could imagine it A game would come to cover you.

With all these wild fantastic ideas you would never expect developers to create games about working in retail (Cart Life) or other mundane ventures, however Lucas Pope has created the latest simulator to simulate the life of a border control agent during the 1980s.

Papers, Please is a dark insight into the life of a border control agent for an imaginary eastern block country during the cold war era. Papers, Please is equal parts mundane as it is brilliant as you set out to complete ever more complex and comprehensive checks on people moving over the border working to the time constraints set in place by the working day.

Papers, Please is such a dark and depressing insight that it gives this game such gravity it is impossible to resist the call of this mundane lifestyle.

papers, please ss01

Average play time – About an hour

Papers, Please is currently still in beta although if the current beta is anything to go by I am sure the finished game will be a dark and moving insight into humanities struggle to provide for their family.

Be sure to check out Papers, Please and find out just why the mundane is so magnificent. Papers, Please can be downloaded via Lucas Pope’s Site.

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