Indie Intermission – ‘OCD Gnome’ Into The Mind Of A Gnome

OCD Gnome splash

After looking back over the Indie Speedrun contest once more I’ve found another gem, OCD Gnome. Created by Yanki for the jam OCD Gnome is a rather great and random concept with some superb voice acting.

OCD Gnome follows a gnome around who just must have everything in its correct place all the time, and because of this he actually creates some rather interesting puzzles for himself. OCD Gnome is quite the typical puzzle game once you get past the rather interesting narrative and somewhat interesting ideas added.

The overall graphics are rather simplistic and lack greatly in the background design but again due to the rushed nature of creating a game for a jam you can forgive a lot of the shortcomings as the theme and execution work very well overall.

OCD Gnome ss02

Average play time – 15 minutes

OCD Gnome is a rather great idea for a puzzle game that  does work very well, offering a lot of fun for the duration. The puzzles do advance in difficulty nicely and introduce new mechanics as you go. Of course OCD Gnome does lack in some areas but I feel it does make up for them in others creating a rather well rounded and fun little game.

OCD Gnome can be played online now.

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