Indie Intermission – ‘No One Has To Die’ A Game About Hard Choices

No One Has To Die ss01

Today’s game is the very intriguing puzzle game No One Has To Die, and despite the title someone always does have to die. No One Has To Die has a gripping narrative that changes as you follow different situations involving the characters.

The idea behind the game is over several game plays you will start to unravel the mystery behind this shadowy organisation as more plot is divulged.

Each level involves a puzzle in which you must stop the fire from spreading and save as many people as you can, however someone always must die. Although the puzzles are quite simple the real meat of the game comes from playing out all the different scenarios and unlocking all the alternate endings.

No One Has To Die ss02

Average play time – Less than an hour

No One Has To Die is a dark and deeply interesting puzzle game that works on a very simplistic basis. The game plays fantastically from start to finish and the story holds enough suspense and deception that it will keep you playing until you can piece all the sections together.

No One Has To Die can be played on

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