Indie Intermission – ‘Maldita Castilla’ A Supernatural Sidescroller


Surely we all remember the days of 2D side scrolling arcade shooters. The ’80s and ’90s saw a lot of great titles in this genre many of which are still held in such high regards, with today’s game taking influence from Shinobi, Ghosts’n’Goblins, etc.

Like with many games we have now traded the 2D model for more complex 3D or 2.5D ideas that often neglects a lot of classic feel of days gone by.

Maldita Castilla by Locomalito is a throwback to a simpler time in video game history with its 2D nature and rather limited control usage. Maldita Castilla is set in medieval Europe and aims to add a lot of Spanish (and generally European) folklore into the game to really spice things up.

Following a strong supernatural vibe Maldita Castilla feels like a classic arcade side scroller from the visuals and sounds to the frequent power-ups you find  about the game.


Average play time – Less than an hour

Maldita Castilla really is a great deal of fun that takes you back to a simpler time in video game history, and does so in such a great manner. For anyone who played games when they were younger you are sure to get a whole lot of joy out of Maldita Castilla.

Download Maldita Castilla from Locomalito’s site for free.

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