Indie Intermission – Ludum Dare Number 5 ‘I’m The BadGuy’

Badguy 2013-01-14 13-24-22-54

Kicking off the week long Ludum Dare 25 countdown is the first of the top five. I will be using the top five overall winners from the competition simply because I have been using games from the full LD25 and therefore feel this category better represents my series.

Today’s game is I’m The BadGuy  by handCraftedRadio which has a rather classic setting. I am sure we all remember the classic archetypal villain from the early days of cinema who would commonly tie a damsel to a train track, only to have the hero swoop in at the last minute to save her. It’s great to see a game that plays homage to this classic setting and bring it back here in such a fantastic fashion.

In I’m The BadGuy you must pick up and tie as many damsels to the train track as is humanly possible before the police officers are able to free them, you must of course also avoid the police yourself.

It’s a great idea that brings back a lot of the old classics about the good vs bad genre and plays out very well. Although the game is very much a one trick pony that quickly gets repetitive the style is nice and the idea behind the game is very solid.

Badguy 2013-01-14 13-26-37-54

Average play time – 2 minutes

I’m The BadGuy is a great nod back to the classic days of cinema and does so with such style. Although the gameplay is very much reliant on just one mechanic it’s a game that works well for the time you play it, just don’t expect to go back to it all too often.

I’m The BadGuy can be played here.

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