Indie Intermission – Ludum Dare Number 4 ‘Happy Little Murder Friends’

Happy Little Murder Friends

Continuing the Ld25 theme of “you are the villain” today’s game is a rather interesting one that reminds me a great deal of the GTA series. Happy Little Murder Friends is a game created by Paul Greasley AKA Farmergnome and has you in charge of a band of merry murderers.

Happy Little Murder Friends gives you the choice of selecting one of five characters per level for you to inflict your murders with. Each characters has their own stats giving you a small amount of variety on who you pick. You also are able to take perks to better tailor your killing to your own style be it melee or gun you are covered here.

The whole purpose behind each level on Happy Little Murder Friends is to kill off your targets. However if you start mercilessly killing any old civilian your indiscretions will not go unnoticed and the police will slowly start to appear to end your rampage.

Overall Happy Little Murder Friends is a great game full of nice concepts and awesome graphics with enough gameplay to keep you busy for hours.

Happy Little Murder Friends

Average play time – 20 minutes

Happy Little Murder Friends has been created to a very high level, especially for a jam game and really shine because of it. Farmergnome has continued to develop it after the jam and therefore the latest version has a lot of bug fixes and overall improvements making the game even better. If you enjoyed the early GTA games or just have a love for top down shooters this is one you must give a go.

Happy Little Murder Friends can be downloaded from the Ludum Dare site and also from Paul Greasley’s official site.

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