Indie Intermission – Ludum Dare Number 3 ‘End Boss’

End Boss 2013-01-14 14-37-08-31

Today is the number three placed game in the LD25 top five, although technically this game and yesterdays where both tied in the third place (I just went off the ordering on the LD25 site). End Boss was created by Ditto and has you on the other side of the hail of bullets you normally must navigate.

In End Boss you play as the boss finally in a bullet hell shooter and you must try to crush the enemy space ship and end the hope for the galaxy. It’s a very interesting concept and works well as you spawn more and more bullets across the screen.

End Boss has some great music and a really nice overall aesthetic that really lends itself to a bullet hell shooter. Although the sound effects are rather lacking and the lack of boss variety and pick ups make the game very limited.

End Boss 2013-01-14 14-39-23-31

Average play time – 5 minutes

End Boss is a nice concept and comes across very well as a small throw away game, however there is a lot of potential to develop this type of gameplay into a full game. Playing through a whole host of bosses in an attempt to crush the good guy with a variety of mechanics would amplify this game greatly.

In its current state End Boss is a fun little bullet hell told from the bad guys side and I would love to see someone take this concept and develop it into a full game as I believe it would be rather unique and fun.

To play End Boss be sure to head to the official Ludum Dare site.

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