Indie Intermission Ludum Dare Countdown – Number 5 ‘Rust’

Rust ss01

Today I start the week-long countdown covering the top five games from the latest Ludum Dare competition. Today I cover number five: Rust by DmcFarLine, a minimalistic FPS game that bears close resemblance to the classic game of yesteryear, Wolfenstein 3D.

The aim of Rust is to run through the levels killing the monsters whilst reaching your final objective. Although there’s really nothing new in Rust the game plays out well and as you would expect.

It’s quite surprising to see a well made FPS that follows the theme of primary colours. Each level is coloured in-line with a primary colour making for a rather simple but nice aesthetic.

Rust is a fun nostalgic trip down memory lane that brings back a lot of what was great about the old 2.5D FPS, really cutting out the overly complex mechanics that have been developed for the modern market.

Rust ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

Rust is a fantastic little FPS that contains great retro mechanics that throwback so perfectly to classic games like Wolfenstien 3D. Although Rust lacks some innovation, in the short time it took to create the game it is hard to poke too many holes in overall.

Rust can be downloaded from the Ludum Dare site now.

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