Indie Intermission Ludum Dare Count Down – Number 3 ‘Minimalismism’

Minimalismism ss01

Today’s game came in number three in Ludum Dare 26 and brings some awesome ideas to the competition. Minimalismism is a game that has been created by Tayl1r and offers some rather interesting and innovating ideas not commonly seen in video games overall.

Minimalismism is a very interesting 2D platformer that takes place entirely on one screen. The whole objective is to reach the glowing block at the end of each level, once reached the level reforms into something altogether more difficult.

It really is a novel mechanic that creates some very fluid and fun gameplay as you try to figure out the best way to reach the goal. Although the levels overall are not that taxing, and you may only die a handful of times the beauty of the game is in the design and the way it plays out.

Minimalismism  ss02

Average play time – 5 minutes

Minimalismism as a game concept is a fantastic model and one I feel could go far. Of course it would require a lot more levels, added mechanics, and the ability to lose (or at the very least for it to have some negative affect for when to die too many times).

If you would like to give Minimalismism a go be sure to head over to the Ludum Dare site and download the game for free.

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