Indie Intermission – Looking At The World From A Different ‘Perspective’

Perspective ss01

Apparently this week is turning into a week largely focusing on puzzle games following up yesterdays game with Perspective. Perspective has been created for a student project by a group of students at Digipen.

Perspective is a very unique and highly creative puzzle game as you must move around the chamber, altering your perspective and allowing you to complete the level. It truly is a novel idea and one I have never quite came across before but the execution here is just superb.

Perspective offers a great challenge to anyone who enjoys puzzle games whilst offering something a little different yet highly innovative and just awesome. The difficulty gain feels adequate with the first few rooms starting out very easy slowly introducing more and more complex puzzles for you to complete.

Perspective ss02

Average play time – Less than an hour

Perspective is full of style and offers a suitable difficulty level throughout allow a diligent player to learn the subtle intricacies on offer. For a free game developed by students Perspective feels full and rounded, just feeling like a very quality game all round.

Be sure to download Perspective and give it a go for yourself from the official site.

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