Indie Intermission – ‘King Of Terror’ Who Will Reign Supreme

King Of Terror ss02

Welcome to the end of the working week and with it comes a brand new game to hopefully improve your day and catapult you into a fantastic weekend. Today I look at a rather interesting little beat em up concept that goes by the name of King Of Terror which has been dreamed up by GarlicGuy.

King Of Terror has the option of you playing either Kayako (from the Grudge) or Ghostface (from Scream), and you must face off against the other in a show down for who is the best horror character.

It’s a rather nice little idea and although at present a little limited with some extra time put into the game I have no doubt that it could indeed be something rather great.

At present you battle in a theatre and must kill all the victims before battling the other horror character to show once and for all who is the greatest character.

King Of Terror ss01

Average play time – 5 minutes

King Of Terror is a great concept and with some fleshing out could be a rather fun beat em up if the current concept piece is anything to go by. With the addition of more characters and maybe a side scrolling element I think this would be a fun little game to sink your teeth into.

You can download the sample version now or play it online, although I couldn’t figure out how to get the later working. Download from GameJolt.

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