Indie Intermission – It’s Time To Take Out The Trash In ‘The Garbage Collector’

The Garbage Collector

Today I am looking at a very novel bullet hell shooter with The Garbage Collector from Team Corgi Punk. The Garbage Collector was developed for The Escapist’s Indie Speed Run and has you pilot a ship through space shooting at on coming enemies. However the game is not all it seems as its key twist is this seemingly 2D game has three layers that you can switch between at will.

The layering system is fantastic and allows creative movement throughout the game as enemy ships move in one, you can either dodge them or switch and go head to head. Along side this the layers are colour coded (Red, blue and yellow) with the enemies requiring different weapons to take out that particular enemy.

Along with the very novel and fun gameplay you also get a great graphics style as The Garbage Collector aims for this futuristic almost 3D looking style that works fantastically within the game. Team Corgi Punk have managed to put in an original soundtrack that is very in keeping with the overall games theme.

The Garbage Collector

Average play time – 3 minutes

The Garbage Collector is quite a short game and does feel very unfinished, however it’s a great start for a potentially great game and well worth your time. To play The Garbage Collector head over to the Indie Speed Run site.

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