Indie Intermission – It’s Time To Make A ‘Connection’

connection ss02

This week has primarily focused on the two big game jams that have gone on recently. The reason has been because both have spawned so many great games, however there is one jam running along in the background that most people may not be aware of. I am talking about the One Game A Month that encourages developers to make one game every month for a year, and as you may expect its rather difficult to keep up with.

From this I bring you Connection a game by Loren Bednar and the first of his games created for this year long event. Connection has taken Loren just ten days to finish and I must say for a game created in such a short time frame does play very well.

In Connection you must expand your nodes taking over other nodes as you go. However expanding does cause problems and brings about corrupt nodes, that if not dealt with promptly will infect your whole network.

connection ss01

Average play time – 8 minutes

Connection is a very clever and simple game that does offer some rather interesting gameplay. The graphics have been stripped back quite a bit but do add a great deal to the games abstract nature and overall Connection is a very solid action puzzler.

If you are after a game that is a little different with strong abstract overtones Connection is just for you.

Play Connection now.

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