Indie Intermission – It’s A Dogs Life ‘Wolfy: A Love Story’ Life In The Wild Can Be Ruff


Wolfy: A Love Story (Wolfy) was yet another game that came about a a result of the recently finished Global Game Jam 2013. Created by  Megan Fox, Nathan Madsen and Mandy Wong Wolfy is the story of this wolf in the wilderness.

Although the game is still rather ruff (I need to stop these puns) it has some novel ideas and interesting graphical choices. I did rather enjoy the way the level is presented in a three dimensional ring that has you progress along the 2D plane, so you can kind of see what there is install for you. Its a nice aesthetic choice and lends itself to the game rather nicely creating this wrapping world feel.

There is also a running narrative that plays over the top of the gameplay as you progress along, it does remind me a little of Bastion and really does add another level to the game.


Average play time – 2 minutes

All in all Wolfy is a rather interesting game, it is still very much a game in its infancy however with extra love this concept can be developed in to a much more fully formed game. Wolfy inspires thought and I am really looking forward to delve into this narrative more – so long as the devs keep developing it that is.

Wolfy was created in 48 hours and is very much worth your time so be sure to check its Global Game Jam page along with Glass Bottom Games’ site.

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