Indie Intermission – ‘I Wish I Were The Moon’ A Whole Other Story

I wish I were the Moon ss02

Today’s game was posted online in 2008 but has some rather great ideas and one key feature which has been taken and implemented in the game Snapshot. I Wish I Were The Moon was created by Daniel Ben and is currently playable on Kongregate.

I Wish I Were The Moon is a rather interesting game in which you must pick up and move around the characters and items on screen to create different endings to the game. It is a rather innovative game that may lack in gameplay, but is full of great ideas that just seem to work.

The game as it stands I believe has seven different endings with five of these being rather obvious, the final few will prove much more challenging as they begin to get a little elaborate but nonetheless the gameplay is rather interesting.

I wish I were the Moon ss01

Average play time – 10 minutes

I Wish I Were The Moon contains several nice ideas and has been created in a brilliant pixel-art manner with some great detail that highlights the mood excellently. Although very short and lacking level variation the overall premise is great and is really what makes it a must play.

Play I Wish I Were The Moon on Kongregate.

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