Indie Intermission – ‘House Of Dead Ninjas’ A New Style Of Kung Fu Fighting

house of the dead ninjas

To round off the week I have found an older game but a highly fun one nonetheless. House Of The Dead Ninjas was developed by Megadev in association with Adultswim and has since been created into a fully fledged game available on Steam.

House Of The Dead Ninjas puts you at the top of this infinitely large randomly generated tower forcing you to run, jump, stab, and bomb your way to victory.

The game is hard as nails and with the constant constraint of the timer ticking down you must descend quickly to prevent the clock from running out. Of course as you move down the tower the enemies become increasingly more difficult making for a highly challenging platforming game.

Along with the highly addictive gameplay House Of The Dead Ninjas has some great sound assets, along with a fantastic retro style that suits the game perfectly.

house of the dead ninjas ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

House Of The Dead Ninjas is a whole lot of fun and if you have managed to miss this game like myself you should definitely give it a go.

Be sure to play House Of Dead Ninjas online for free now. If you enjoy the game check out Megadev’s site for a list of their other games.

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