Indie Intermission – ‘Hemo Racers’ Just Beat It

Hemo Racers ss03

Over the years there has been some random games made about plumbers crusading through pipes, hedgehogs with super-speed, and even fish secret agents, but I’ve never came across a heart racing game… until now.

Created for the Global Game Jam 2013 Hemo Racers was created by David S Gallant, Royel Edwards, and Ricky Lima. Hemo Racers is a competitive four player racing game in which each of you must control a heart and get it over the finish line first.

Hemo Racers is a truly strange concept but one that is also a great deal of fun as you frantically pump across the ventricles to beat your opponents. It does control a lot like games in the ’80s in which you must press alternating buttons to move the legs through the level.

Alongside this somewhat unconventional take on a racer the artwork is great and has been created with pixel-art reminiscent of the early days of gaming. But hell we’re all suckers for pixel-art so the design is an instant winner.

Hemo Racers ss01

Average play time –  3 minutes

Hemo Racers is an innovative and very strange take on the heart theme that was introduced in the Global Game Jam 2013, but this talented trio manage to pull it off wonderfully. So gather some friends round your keyboard and get racing hearts!

Play Hemo Racers now.

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