Indie Intermission – ‘Hard Hat Ninja’ Because Even Ninjas Need Day Jobs

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Even Ninjas need a day job, or so BlankSlateJoe AKA Joe Mirabello would have you believe with his solo entry into Indie Speed Run, Hard Hat Ninja. From what I understand even Ninjas have been hit pretty bad by the recession and because of this have had to also get a day job like many of us.

The whole mantra of Hard Hat Ninja is not to be defined by your day job, as you use all your stealth ability to accomplish the various building site tasks undetected. It’s an interesting premise and provides a good amount of fun, along with some pretty stellar graphics and music.

The gameplay is overall rather basic as you must move around the screen doing the tasks allocated to you. There is not much variety and at points the game is just impossible due to overlapping fields of view when builders decide to freeze in a location.

All this said, considering it was made for a game jam the outcome is rather astonishing. The graphics have been lovingly put together to create this great blend of 2D cut-out characters on a 3D plane.

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Average play time – 3 minutes

Hard Hat Ninja’s gameplay is a little lacking but considering the effort put into the stunning visuals you can forget him in this case. With more time and effort put into the gameplay I am sure this game could be well developed into something rather great.

Be sure to give Hard Hat Ninja a go, after all every Ninja needs a day job. @Blankslatejoe Or follow Joe Mirabello’s blog for more information on his adventures in indie gaming.

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  • blankslatejoe

    hey! Thanks for the kind feedback and review! I apologize for the crazy controls and scoring! I realized and fixed the problems in a later build, but it didn’t make the contest cut off.