Indie Intermission – ‘GeoGuessr’ Exploring The World One Image At A Time

GeoGuessr SS01

After a few weeks of Ludum Dare games I thought it would be a good idea to try to move away from them a little this week. I start the week off on a strong foot with GeoGuessr.

GeoGuessr was created by Anton Wallén and is a rather brilliant idea for a game that will test your local geographical knowledge. The idea behind the game is to guess where in the world the image is from and make a selection from the map.

You’re awarded more points for guesses that are closer to where the picture was originally taken. The scoring system is surprisingly fair and always gives you a reasonable score that always makes you feel although you have achieved something, even if it’s on a different continent.

After you finish your challenge GeoGuessr will give you your end result; map locations and guess locations; and the option to challenge your friends. The challenging aspect is great and does add a lot of fun as you get to beat your friends, however if it was implemented a little better or via social media I’m sure the multiplayer side would be even better.

GeoGuessr SS02

Average play time – 5 minutes

GeoGuessr is a simple yet brilliant game that offers hours of fun. It’s just surprising a game like this was not developed sooner as the use of Google street view assets is so simple yet great.

GeoGuessr can be played on the official site for free.

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