Indie Intermission – ‘Gentle Gravity’ Just A Hop, Skip And A Jump

Gentle Gravity ss01

Gentle Gravity is today’s pick and with its very relaxing tone and gentle approach to platforming games I feel this is a great way to escape your hectic day. Created by NinjaFox the idea behind Gentle Gravity is that you must collect all of the coins for your wife, a simple enough premise.

The game plays like a platformer using the interesting mechanic of gravity wells that allow you to jump gracefully from one platform to the next in this beautifully put together monochrome sky-box.

The game starts initially very simple with just a few hazards but slowly begins to introduce more and more ways to get yourself killed. Although a lot of the hazards are highly derivative of other platformers the implementation in this gravity platformer gives many of them a new lease of life.

The graphics style and music for that matter add a great deal to the overall game and make it feel very relaxed along with creating a very visually pleasing game to look at, everything about this game is indeed gentle.

Gentle Gravity ss02

Average play time – 30 minutes

Gentle Gravity is a lot of fun and creates a casual feeling platforming experience in this old styled setting that help make for some great visuals.

You cab play Gentle Gravity online for free.

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