Indie Intermission – ‘Friends Of Potato Lagoon’ The Feel Good Factor

Friends of potato lagoon ss02

Welcome back to another week of Indie Intermission. This week I’ll be running down the top five games from Ludum Dare in the overall category, so expect some rather great hastily created games.

Today’s game is Friends Of Potato Lagoon which is a super cute arcade shooter in which you control a butterfly and must help your friends get to their own way points. Created by Rezoner Friends Of Potato Lagoon is a fun and cute little arcade game.

The game has very basic controls and just relies on you moving your butterfly across the sky firing at oncoming bad guys in funny and often times inconvenient angles, but this is all part of the fun.

Although the game is not just about flying through the air as you can kill the bad guys for points and power-ups adding extra depth to the gameplay experience. The game can end just a quickly as it begins as your fragile butterfly only requires a single misstep to end the run.

Overall the great cartoony graphics,fantastic music/ audio throughout make Friends Of Potato Lagoon a great game that feels complete.

Friends of potato lagoon ss01

Average play time – 10 minutes

Friends Of Potato Lagoon is a great deal of fun and offers a game that has a lot of innovative ideas in it along with an awesome art style that adds so much to the game. Considering how this game was designed in just one weekend Rezoner talent seems to know no bounds.

If you would like to give Friends Of Potato Lagoon ago you can play it online now. If you would like to view the original Ludum Dare page you can do that here.

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