Indie Intermission – ‘Extreme Sloth Cycling’ The World’s Fastest Sloth

Extreme Sloth Cycling ss01

Over the course of the past couple of years we have seen a slew of infinite runners ranging from want to be Indiana Jones games to agent chase games and everything in between… well, almost everything.

Extreme Sloth Cycling is something completely different and manages to combine some rather novel ideas and throws them into a completely off the rails experience, created by Butterscotch Shenanigans that is impossible not to fall in love with.

The whole idea behind Extreme Sloth Cycling is you must collect as many coins as possible whilst jumping off and on to a moving sloth… cycle.

It truly is an inspired concept and one that owes a lot of its zany humour to the development team who may have designed a few other games that are a little off the wall.

Extreme Sloth Cycling ss02

Average play time – 3 minutes

Extreme Sloth Cycling is indeed a zany concept but one that works quite well and with the fantastic artwork and awesome midi music the game actually plays out very nicely.

I do feel with some added development this game could easily be a full mobile release and hell if they team could get this much done in just eight hours I’m sure they could create something rather awesome in just a little longer.

Don’ t just take my word for it and head to the site and download the game for free.

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