Indie Intermission – Ludum Dare Number 2 ‘Extinct : Humankind Fade In The Mist’

Extinct ss02

Now getting close to the end of the week we are reaching the end of this great game jam. With over 1,400 entries this time LD25 really has been yet another success and even though these top five games are great examples of the quality games it has produced, these are by no means the only good games in the jam so be sure to check out more on the Ludum Dare site.

The game that managed to reach the number two spot is Extinct: Humankind Fade In The Mist (Extinct) by Benjamin and is a rather none conventional puzzle game that really is a great deal of fun.

The whole idea behind Extinct is that you must stop the humans from reaching the food, which of course is much harder than you may first expect as humans really are a resourceful bunch. Each level gives you a selection of obstacles from poisoned apples to sabre tooth tiger, with the devil being very much in the detail as the puzzle element is arranging them correctly to stop the humans dead in their tracks.

Extinct has a great interface and a rather nice graphics style that highlights the style of the game rather nicely and it plays out flawlessly. My only real complaint is the game lacks a fast forward button but other than that it is a very solid game.

Extinct ss03

Average play time – 40 minutes

Extinct is a prime example of a great puzzle game and its rather hard to believe all this was done in the space of just 48 hours. Extinct really is a very nice and somewhat unconventional puzzler that really does not feel like a puzzle game but more of a strategy game.

Be sure to check out Extinct: Humankind Fade In The Mist on the official LD25 site.

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