Indie Intermission – ‘Escuro’ A Dark Way To Die

escuro ss03

Hello and welcome back to another week of gaming and other distraction in the hopes to take your mind off this bleak winter weather. Today I bring a very abstract but all around highly entertaining game called Escuro.

Escuro is a Portuguese word meaning “Dark” and this game has  that in spades. Created by Azurenimbus Escuro is an abstract puzzler which gives you one purpose and one purpose alone, to suck out all of the colour from the squares and return them to darkness.

In Escuro you are given very little direction other than the rather cryptic phrase “Don’t let them shine” and using your arrow keys you must turn all the squares to darkness without letting them engulf the screen.

The concept is quite a simple one and the game plays out in rather basic terms, however actually suppressing all these squares can be rather challenging in its own right. It starts off tricky, but as you begin to learn the controls you would expect to fall into the gameplay. This is not the case and the game only gets harder as you progress through the game as you see a stark increase in squares of different colours which only complicates matters.

escuro ss02

Average play time – 15 minutes

Escuro is a very innovative abstract take on puzzlers and will provide a nice distraction from your day. Although the concept may be tricky to grasp at first if you play around with the game a little you will soon begin to really love the puzzles presented here.

Sometimes the most basic concepts offer so much and this is one of those times. If you are a fan of puzzlers and love an abstract twist this game is defiantly for you.

To play Escuro head over to the Ludum Dare 25 site here and give it a go yourself. If you enjoy the game be sure to rate it as the voting ends in under ten hours.

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