Indie Intermission – ‘DrugBound’ One Long Drug Trip

Drugbound ss01

The infinite runner genre has been one of the genres people have only recently gotten into in a huge way, and with it a great deal of random and interesting games have come about. DrugBound is the latest game I’ve played from this genre by Mr Lasertron and it plays a little differently to some of the others.

A notable difference in DrugBound is you can freely move forward and backward across the screen as it scrolls. This allows for extra tactical opportunities not available in many infinite runners, and of course creates some verity.

DrugBound has been drawn rather well with an interesting cartoon aesthetic set in the desert which lends itself quite well to games in this genre. Although the gameplay is quite simple (like any game in this genre) and when moving backwards and forwards it feels like you are skating on ice, overall the game works well.

Drugbound ss02

Average play time – 5 minutes

DrugBound follows a slightly more unconventional premise for an infinite runner but hardly even factors into the game overall. With some more time and bosses added DrugBound could be a very interesting game but at present is still well worth a go, as you will find yourself coming back for one more game.

Play DrugBound now and judge for yourself.

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