Indie Intermission – ‘Dawnseed’ New Dawning Of A New Leafy Era

Dawnseed Ss01

Today we are back to The Escapist’s Indie Speed Run jam once more, this time looking at the title Notch picked for the top ten games. Dawnseed is a highly creative game that overtly takes a great deal of influence from the top down Legend Of Zelda games from the early Nintendo era and has been created by Hippomancer.

Dawnseed is a very interesting take on the Zelda series and works very well (even if a few controls where a little wonky) as you gradually get more powerful. What was truly interesting was how Hippomancer managed to combine the RPG action with a great strategy game at the end, it really was ingenious and a great deal of fun.

Needless to say the gameplay is a lot of fun, however it does fall short on the story. Dawnseed is a game that feels like the developers intended to put in a big over arching story, but miss out a lot of the details about it until the very end with an ending cut scene that didn’t really explain a lot.

Dawnseed SS02

Average play time – 8 minutes

Of course Dawnseed was created within 48 hours so you can forgive its lack of story but I just feel the developers wanted to really convey something more then they ended up doing.

Overall Dawnseed is a very interesting and fun game that will not use up too much of your time. If you are a fan of Zelda this is a no brainer and be sure to play the amusing random platformer title they threw in the mix for an additional bonus.

Dawnseed can be found on the Indie Speed Run site.

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