Indie Intermission – ‘Dark Run’ Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Dark Run ss02

With Halloween tomorrow today’s game is just a warm up but one that will hopefully get your heart racing. Dark Run has been created by FreeWorldGroup and has you literally running for you life.

The premise of Dark Run is simple, you must flee from this Gothic castle, however like everything things are never as straightforward as they first seem as you have a wall of death chasing you, and if that was not enough to worry about the castle is full of monsters.

What makes Dark Run great is how the game is procedurally generated so each run will be a fun and unique experience meaning you will always have to think fast as memory will not help you here.

The graphic style is minimalistic and retro but overall this is a look I enjoy a lot in games so for me it just adds to the game. Coupled with the graphics is the audio which is great (aside from the random monster that just howls in a rather comic way) the music is haunting and does help set the scene very well.

Dark Run ss01

Average play time – 3 minutes

Overall Dark Run is a lot of fun and with the leaderboards you can end up playing this game for hours not getting anywhere but that is all part of the fun.

Give Dark Run a go and see how long you can outrun your inevitable death.

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