Indie Intermission – Could It Be True ‘The Fastest RPG Ever’

The Fastest RPG Ever ss01

The moment I found this game I struggled to believe it is could be true, a fast RPG? I am sure we are all familiar with RPGs and how long they can take, taking days to even get through the opening sections so when I found The Fastest RPG Ever I just had to play it.

Created by Alineaire as you may expect The Fastest RPG Ever is a satire of the RPG genre, creating a rather fast paced RPG which will literally last minutes. Although the gameplay is very lacking (especially when compared to a conventional RPG) the concept is nice and with each screen offering some rather humorous win/ loss conditions this game is sure to put a smile on your face, especially if RPGs frustrate you.

The Fastest RPG Ever has been designed with some really nice visuals in mind using a rather great pixel art style which has become ever more common as developers try to bring back the good old days of gaming.

The Fastest RPG Ever

Average play time – 1 minute

The Fastest RPG Ever is a great satire and is the antithesis of an RPG creating a truly amusing game, even if it really is rather short. Be sure to check it out on the official site now. If you would like to find more games from Alineaire their site can be found here.

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