Indie Intermission – ‘Clean Asia!’ Taking Out The Trash One Pixel At A Time

Clean Asia ss01

Today’s game is a rather manic bullet hell shooter called Clean Asia! from Cactus. Clean Asia! differentiates itself from other bullet hell shooters by giving you the option between two very different ships.

The two ships are the Attractor and the Reflector, were the latter is more of a standard ship that has forward firing cannons along with a very interesting reflector shield allowing you to make some clutch saves. The Attractor however is a very different ship that requires you to fly into the enemy ship to deal damage, as it lacks traditional weaponry.

This makes for a game with two very distinctive play-styles creating a great deal of diversity, even if the Attractor is much more difficult to pilot effectively.

Like any bullet hell shooter Clean Asia! is brutally difficult from the get go as you get killed from one stray shot, making avoiding the incoming fire even more vital in your continued success in the game.

Clean Asia ss03

Average play time – 30 minutes

Clean Asia!  has some novel ideas in the gameplay of this popular genre making it a stand out game. The simplistic wire frame models create some very appealing visuals whilst not creating a lot of on screen clutter. This is very important in a game like this and the the choices made here really help make Clean Asia! A very fun game.

Clean Asia! can be downloaded from the YoYo Games sandbox.

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