Indie Intermission – ‘Chompston’ What Happens When Pac Man Finally Fights Back


Have you ever wondered what would happen if two classic arcade games where to combine into one? Well if these games where Pac Man and Bomberman you may very well be in luck with Contralogic’s game Chompston.

Chompston brings out the best concepts from both games and throws them together with some wonderful chip tunes that just work, making the whole experiencing a great deal of fun. The idea is to clear the maze avoid touching the ghosts and of course bomb them whenever possible creating a wonderful joining of two classics.

The graphics and art overall are very in keeping with the aesthetic of Pac Man, so creating parallels between them is rather easy. However the addition of ghosts that fire at you and speedy ghosts really up the gameplay value and start to make Chompston feel more and more like its own game.

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Average play time – 8 minutes

Chompston is a great little game that brings back some nostalgia whilst creating a whole new game with very satisfying gameplay that just works. The chip tunes play into the game fantastically and help to really make Chompston one fantastic title. The only added improvement I would like to see is that of a multiplayer function as I believe this would add an interesting spin on things.

You can download Chompston and decide for yourself.

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