Indie Intermission – ‘Cart Life’ Another Day Another Dollar

cart life ss02

After all the recent publicity Richard Hofmeier has been getting for his retail simulator Cart Life I thought it was only appropriate to give it a go myself. Cart Life is a very interesting RPG in which you play as a budding retail entrepreneur looking to start-up in numerous places across the states.

Each character has an object along with some positive and negative traits to make them feel a little bit more realistic and three-dimensional. Overall the story is very interesting and develops in a paced manner that slowly reveals more characteristics about your chosen character.

Not only is the gameplay rather great but so is the graphics style and music creating a very well made game that is just great on every level. Although billed as a retail simulator it does not feel a lot of the time that the retail side is the important part, with the character development making this game so much more.

cart life ss01

Average play time – Over an hour

Cart Life is a very interesting game with a lot going for it, it has some rather interesting and in some cases odd minigames which do add to the game overall. Cart Life is largely fun if not frustrating from time to time but if you are a fan of RPG like games or if you are just looking for something a little different be sure to check this one out.

Cart Life can be downloaded from Richard Hofmeier’s official site for free although you can support him with the paid version also.

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