Indie Intermission – ‘Bubsy 3D’ The Bobcat Returns

Bubsy 3D ss01

Welcome back to another Indie Intermission and today I look at an old favourite that has made a somewhat unexpected come back thanks to Arcane Kids.

Bubsy 3D is the re-imagining of the Bubsy series that first saw light on the SNES. Although the bobcat never quite made it into the major leagues (having to compete against Mario and Sonic) the games did carry a cult following.

Bubsy 3D brings back the bobcat for yet another outing, although this time revolving entirely around art. The game features a great deal of tongue in cheek humour surrounding the art world, which helps create a fun, light hearted adventure game.

The game is set in a strange world with the Los Angeles art gallery at its centre. You must guide Bubsy on his adventure through the strange and often alien world of art which takes you directly to hell.

Bubsy 3D ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

Although Bubsy 3D does not feel finished and seems to be a work in progress, the overall concept and humour that run in the game are well thought out. It’s a fun romp through a strange and often crazy world and is totally worth checking out.

You can play Bubsy 3D online now.

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