Indie Intermission – ‘Bombball’ A New Multiplayer Game Heading To Ouya

Bombball SS01

Today’s game is a little different as it has been Created for the Ouya Create jam Bombball is an interesting new competitive two player game designed with the Ouya in mind. Created in just 10 days by E McNeill, Bombball seems to take influence from air hockey and adds a great deal of added fun on top.

Bombball is a game that when you first look at it, sound simple as you must get the ball into your opponents goal. Simple right? Well not really as the board becomes littered with various obstacles and explosives the gameplay can become very intense.

The graphics style is very basic but it keeps a very fluid feel to the game and with some addition of extra detailing around the edges can no doubt look just as good as it plays. Bombball is more of a prototype as the control system has been modelled around the Ouya, because of this Bombball controls on the PC are quite lacking, but it’s still perfectly playable.

Also due to the expedient way Bombball has been created a two player multiplayer mode has yet to be introduced, which is a little disappointing due to the style of game.

Average play time – 4 minutes

Bombball is a great prototype model for the game and provides a great deal of potential scope. It would be great to see Bombball become a full two player gaming experience that can be played on the same console or over the internet in a tournament style mode. Only time will tell how the final Ouya version will turn out but so far the game looks rather promising.

Play Bombball now and see what you think.

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  • E McNeill

    Dev here! Just wanted to say that the OUYA version already has local multiplayer in it. I left it out of the PC version since I couldn’t do networking in time and because trying to share a keyboard would be hell. :)