Indie Intermission – ‘Beams with Enlightenment’ Avoid The Laser And Save The Crane

Beams with Enlightenment SS03

Welcome back to the last day of 2012, and with it expect to see a rather great little puzzler from Michael PauleyBeams With Enlightenment is a fun and rather addictive puzzler that will have you shifting lasers around the map like no ones business.

Beams with Enlightenment follows a man obsessed with origami cranes and his insatiable need to collect them all. He clearly has never heard of Pokemon and has settled rather low on just one niche, but at least it keeps him out of trouble… well, not really but oh well.

Beams with Enlightenment SS02

It is your job to fuel this man’s obsession and get him from A to B to retrieve his precious crane. Of course things are never as easy as pulling out a piece of paper and making one yourself, and you must guide him through all manner of puzzles involving lasers and craziness to reach the precious crane at the end.

From what I have played of this rather lengthy game the puzzles have not be overly taxing, but do require a little bit of thought from time to time. Having over 20 levels does add a lot of variety and allows for a rather long browser game all in all.

Beams with Enlightenment SS05

Average play time – 15 minutes

Beams with Enlightenment has a lot of very fun and intuitive puzzle dynamics that will be right up your street if you enjoy puzzlers. Although hardened puzzle fanatics may find many of the levels very easy, the difficulty does gradually increase as the game goes on. Hell it’s free and will keep you busy for at least an hour so give it a go.

Play Beams with Enlightenment  here.

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