Indie Intermission – ‘AVGM’ Flicking A Switch Has Never Meant To Little

AVGM ss01

Today’s game is a very interesting take on the game industry designed by Edmund McMillien and Tyler Glaiel AVGM is a social commentary on the current state of the game industry.

AVGM was originally created for the Global Games Jam a few years back so the whole thing has been created in just 48 hours in AVGM you must flick the switch to make items appear in this mysterious apartment.

The whole idea behind AVGM is to give the “player” superficial rewards for preforming this mundane task over and over again. You can of course move the objects around the apartment but really there is very little else you can do with them.

AVGM raises the question of what really is a game and should invoke the player to think long and hard about such games found commonly on social media sites as prime examples of this “cow clicker” style of game.

AVGM ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

AVGM is a great and cynical look into the way the game industry is currently going, made in such a simple, interesting style. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you as flicking that switch really is a rewarding experience so you will just have to complete it yourself to find out the real reason you were flicking the switch.

You can play AVGM on Newground now.

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