Indie Intermission – Ludum Dare Winner ‘Atomic Creep Spawner!’

Atomic Creep Spawner ss02

Now the end of the week has rolled on we have the winner of Ludum Dare 25. With so many great games to choose between it must have been very hard to find every great game in the list, however Atomic Creep Spawner (ACS) by deepnight is a truly fantastic game that does indeed deserve first place.

In ACS you take control of the dungeon master trying to keep the hero down by swarming him with a whole variety of creeps. You have four different things that you can spawn, all of which have different properties to try to trap the hero and cause his demise.

It’s always nice to see games that tell the other side of the story and ACS does this perfectly allowing you to exact your revenge on the hero for every time you have been killed in your dungeon crawling expeditions.

The gameplay is rather straight forward and for the most part quite simple but it does offer a great deal of fun that you can have over running the heroes  With great graphics and audio ACS is a well-rounded and complete title that will completely engross you.

Atomic Creep Spawner ss03

Average play time – 25 minutes

Atomic Creep Spawner is a fantastic new take on the classic dungeon crawler experience. You play from the other side of the wall and begin to realise that even on this side it is not all plain sailing. With great graphics, gameplay, and audio Atomic Creep Spawner is a whole load of fun and a must for any dungeon crawler or strategy nut.

Play Atomic Creep Spawner now.

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