Indie Intermission – ‘Anti-Explosive Babies’ Bomb Disposal For Babies

anti-explosive babies ss01

Now with the weekend just a distant memory as we battle on until the next one I welcome you back to another instalment of Indie Intermission to blow away the Monday blues – quite literally.

Today is all about explosives and babies, and what a volatile combination this turns out to be in Anti-Explosive Babies from the  wicked mind of Roan Contreras.

Anti-Explosive Babies is essentially a puzzle game with rag doll physics which you must try to use to your advantage as you attempt to navigate this mine field in under ten seconds.

Although the first dozen or so levels are very straightforward and easy they start to ramp up in difficulty quite sharply, and before long you will be having to scrap the baby brain out from under your keyboard.

anti-explosive babies ss02

Average play time – 20 minutes

Anti-Explosive Babies has great mechanics rolled into this very simple and straight forward game that relies entirely on the player’s skill. It is often times challenging but overall plays very well and any deaths are all your fault, and no one likes killing babies.

Give it a go online and if you like the idea vote for it on the Ludum Dare site and help out Roan Contreras.

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