Indie Intermission – ‘Agent Eraser’ Stealth Action Circles

Agent Eraser ss01

Hello and welcome back to another week of Indie Intermission and all the free gaming goodness it brings with it. Today’s game is Agent Eraser from ExtraCreativity.

Agent Eraser is a fantastic top down stealth action game that will have you thinking long and hard about your every move as you attempt to move through this office block erasing all the data you can find.

The stealth action in Agent Eraser is a whole lot of fun and although the world has been creating in quite a simplistic function everything feels well thought-out and well put together.

The game introduces new elements to you as you go and slowly ramps up the difficult as you find yourself crawling through air vents in a hope of by passing the ever weary guards.

Agent Eraser ss02

Average play time – 30 minutes

Agent Eraser was created for the Indie Speed Run jam that only recently finished and shows a lot of creativity and skill from the developers.

Agent Eraser offers some great stealth action gameplay and a suitable challenge as you must finely tune your movements to by-pass the guards.

You can play Agent Eraser online for free via the jam page.

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