Indie Intermission – ‘AEIOU’ Not A Game About Vowels

AEIOU ss01

Today I bring you yet another game from the Indie Speed Run, as this on going jam seems to be producing quite a lot of quality games and therefore deserves a good looking at for quality games.

Today’s game is AEIOU from Team Sum and after playing the game I still have no idea why the game has been named after the vowels in the English language. Or alternatively what I found as an alternative being an acronym used by the Habsburg emperors. Either way it is not overlay important and has little bearing on the game.

AEIOU is a game where you main objective is to ascend out of this tomb on an ever growing pile of sand. It’s an interesting new interpretation of Tomb Raider/ Uncharted but it works well and offers some rather fun platforming, shooting and strategy elements.

The game is however very difficult and with some seemingly random elements you may find it hard to traverse the sand, as all manner of other obstacles hope to hinder your climb.

AEIOU ss02

Average play time – 5 minutes

AEIOU has a great graphics style along with some really nice ideas and is quite the quirky game. AEIOU combines platforming, puzzle and strategy elements as you try to navigate this increasingly more difficult tomb.

AEIOU can be played on the Indie Speed Run site now.

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