Indie Intermission – ‘Activate The Three Artefacts And Then Leave’ I Imagine This Is What Hell Is

Activate The Three Artefacts

Increpare Games seem to have a knack for creating the pure embodiment of hell into a game with their title Activate The Three Artefacts And Then Leave (Artefacts). Artefacts is a 3D maze in which you enter to activate three different colour artefacts (red, yellow and blue), however hunting down these artefacts is somewhat of a nightmarish task that will have you screaming in frustration.

The brilliance of Artefacts is just how difficult it is to find your way around the maze. If you get lucky you can traverse this cavern in a matter of minutes but failing that you can wind up going round in endless loops for the rest of time, it really is that frustrating.


The outline style of the game and the blur filters used all add a great deal to the game and only add to the confusion as every twist and turn looks the same as the last. It’s equal parts painful as it is fun and that is one of the reasons you just have to fall in love with the game, even if you constantly say to yourself you are going to quit after this next bend.

Activate The Three Artefacts

Average play time – less than an hour if you are lucky

Activate The Three Artefacts And Then Leave has a worryingly mundane title compared to the reality here and its all part of its charm really. If you enjoy maze games and feel most are too easy this is definitely one to test your metal as I am sure you will no be disappointed.

Be sure to play Activate The Three Artefacts And Then Leave now.

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